Blender addon: PowerManage

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Introducing PowerManage

Quickly and easily enable or disable Blender addons, and automatically backup or restore their preferences.

What does PowerManage do?

PowerManage allows you to easily toggle addons.

You can make presets, which allow you to quickly toggle multiple addons.

When disabling an addon, its preferences are automatically saved to a json file.

When enabling an addon, its preferences are automatically loaded from that json file.

Who is this for?

This tool is most useful for people who use multiple addons, especially heavy ones like KIT OPS or DECALmachine.

Why did you make this?

I use quite a few heavy addons, ones that make Blender start up slower.

So I wanted a way to turn them off when not using them, without losing their preferences.



Here you'll find a button to refresh the list of addons, and the aformentioned list.

The list has an entry for every installed addon, and an eye button that lets you toggle whether you want to see that addon in the Main Panel.

The status of items that were already there is maintained when you refresh the list.

New addons will start visible if they are enabled when you hit refresh.

Main Panel

Here you'll find three sections: Presets, Enabled Addons, and Disabled Addons.

When you save a preset, it will store which addons are enabled.

When you load a preset, it will enable those stored addons, and disable the other addons.

Only addons that are set to visible in the Preferences are affect by presets.

When you toggle an enabled addon, its preferences are saved, and it is disabled.

When you toggle a disabled addon, it is enabled, and its preferences are loaded if they were saved.

Only addons that are set to visible in the Preferences appear in the Main Panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access this tool?

Either from the sidebar like all other addons, or from PowerSave's popover panel in the 3D view.

Does this support my OS?

It just uses Python and the Blender Python API, so it should work everywhere.

How does it compare to PowerBackup?

PowerBackup is a tool for saving and loading Blender and addon preferences in bulk.

PowerManage is a tool for managing which addons are enabled or disabled.

What can't PowerManage do?

It does not backup or restore keymaps, because the API gives me no way to see which keymap items belong to which addon.

Do presets also save and load addon preferences?

Yes, loading a preset will save preferences for the addons it disables, and load preferences for the addons it enables.


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Blender addon: PowerManage

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